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"When we are willing to stay even a moment with uncomfortable energy, we gradually learn not to fear it." Pema Chodron
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LMHCA - MC60829353
CDP - CP60068231

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Primary Focus:

Addiction / Drug /Alcohol Counseling / Adult Adjustment / Life Transitioning Counseling / Women's Counseling / LGBTQ Counseling /

Scope of Practice:

In our sessions lets use expressive arts therapy, dream analysis, explore play to connect with your inner child, track sensations with the mind, body and spirit for grounding purposes. To help you regain access to your inner wisdom for self advocacy through strength base building practices.

Values and Philosophy:

Individual psychotherapy, couple therapy, and family therapy follow parallel paths. Clients are guided to overcome their feelings of insecurity, develop deeper feelings of connectedness, and to redirect their striving for significance into more socially beneficial directions. Using a respectful Socratic dialogue, they are challenged to correct mistaken assumptions, attitudes, behaviors, and feelings about themselves and the world. Continual encouragement stimulates clients to attempt what was previously felt as impossible. The growth of confidence, pride, and gratification leads to a greater desire and ability to cooperate and try new tasks. The objective of therapy is to replace exaggerated self-protection and self-indulgence with courageous social contribution.

Techniques and Methodology:

My professional experience includes counseling adults, young adults, adolescents and children. I have 20 + years experience serving foster care programs, at risk youth, homeless young adults in transition and aging and disability individuals, families and groups in treatment at a variety of clinical settings in residential facilities to community health agencies at inpatient/outpatient care with an emphasis in emotional regulation/mindfulness practices, complex trauma focused, individual psychology and addictions treatment