Gender: Male
Pronoun: He/Him


Clinical Psychologist, Coach
“You can strategically and effectively alter your unwanted moods and habits.”
DBA: Wallace Wilkins, Ph.D.
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University of Washington, 1970


National Provider Identification Registry #1508936931 from 0 to
Master Trainer, Mediation Training Institute from 0 to

Professional Associations

American Psychological Association
Washington State Psychological Association
Puget Sound Association of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
Mediation Training Institute


Washington Psychologist License - 1454

Insurance Accepted:

  • Bridgespan
  • First Choice Health
  • Healthcare Management Administration
  • Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • HMA - Healthcare Management Administrators
  • Kaiser Access
  • Kaiser Access
  • Kaiser Options
  • Kaiser Permanente HMO
  • KPS
  • Meritain
  • Moda Health Plan
  • Multicare Connected Care Health Network
  • Northwest Sheet Metal Workers
  • Options Health Care
  • Regence
  • Sound Health & Wellness Trust
  • Uniform Medical Plan
  • Value Options
  • Washington Employers Trust

Payment Option:

Primary Focus:

Adult Adjustment / Life Transitioning Counseling / Communication / Social Skills Counseling / Consulting / Coaching / Stress / Depression Counseling / Anxiety / Panic Disorders Counseling / Harrassement / Bullying / Hostile Work Environment /

Scope of Practice:

Thank you for reviewing this information about my services. As a clinical psychologist, I counsel adults with mood problems (depression, anxiety, anger), stress, unwanted habits, behavior problems, self-esteem issues, impulse control, relationship issues and substance use (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food). Within a trusting relationship, clients develop insight, understanding and action steps to reach their goals. We work together to learn how you can: • Relieve stress and negativity • Enhance your moods and emotions • Reduce your unwanted habits • Develop greater resilience in dealing with setbacks • Practice mindfulness to become more choiceful about self-limiting behaviors • Improve self-image, self-worth and self-confidence • Respond effectively to workplace conflicts and sexual harassment • Develop practical skills to apply at home and at work • Enjoy more positive life experiences I also provide on-site workshops on these important topics.

Values and Philosophy:

Instead of just coping with distress after it begins, you can learn strategies to prevent many distressing experiences before they even start. By examining your thinking habits, your perspectives and your self-talk, you can let go of patterns that create negative moods and unwanted behaviors. Think the thoughts that make you strong. Enhance the perspectives that lead to more positive moods and more constructive behavior. Quoting a recent success: “It’s amazing how much you can unburden yourself just by changing your perspective.” By building upon your strengths and by becoming more mindful and choiceful, you can optimize your capacity to live a satisfying, successful life at home and at work. Whether you learned your habits a long time ago or relatively recently, you can develop practical methods to alter the patterns that create distress and impede your progress. I can facilitate this process by offering new ideas for change and by supporting your transitions. With your active participation, you can develop more positive beliefs about yourself, about your future and about the people in your life. Become more resilient as you confront challenging situations. Develop a value-added strategy to engage change with greater self-confidence and self-esteem. With your practice, you can benefit even from temporary setbacks. Instead of bouncing back, you can bounce forward with greater resilience

Techniques and Methodology:

I tailor several effective, evidence-based strategies to serve the unique, individual concerns and aspirations of each client. These methods include Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Guided Imagery. My clients focus on their present concerns and their current circumstances without extensive exploration of childhood events. Clients can boost their success substantially when they master their inner dialog—that personal, inner voice. With guidance and practice, you can abandon that harsh, inner critic and strengthen your supportive, inner mentor. That positive, mentoring voice provides guidance and support from within yourself. Your consistent progress is a result of our collaborative, goal-oriented relationship. I can show you a unique, personal guidance system to identify the specific, positive qualities that you want to acquire to enrich your life. Both you and I become accountable to help you pursue your aspirations. New thinking strategies and new behavior patterns enable clients to enjoy greater success without the burdens of perfectionism, procrastination, distress, hostility, worry or negativity.