Gender: Female
Pronoun: She/Her


DBA: Angela Grace Couseling
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Masters in Counseling, 2014 LIOS, Saybrook University


LMHC - LH60777038

Payment Option:

Cash /

Primary Focus:

Couples / Marriage Counseling / LGBTQ Counseling /

Scope of Practice:

I work with adults in individual therapy, couples therapy, or family therapy.

Values and Philosophy:

I take a collaborative, creative, and humorous approach to help you cope with disappointment, relationship challenges, self-esteem issues, and repeating unhealthy patterns. I focus on and embrace the holistic health of your body, mind, heart, and soul. I believe that laughter and humor can help get us through even the most challenging times.

Techniques and Methodology:

My practice has a foundation in Rogerian methodology and Systems Theory. For couples, I use Emotionally Focused Therapy. For families I like to use the technique of "How to have a difficult conversation."