Gender: Male
Pronoun: He/Him


DBA: Greater Seattle Counseling
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  • 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
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Insurance Accepted:

  • First Health Network
  • Premera

Payment Option:

Cash /VISA / Master Card / American Express /

In addition to the times listed I have other availability on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at my Edmonds office.

Primary Focus:

Family Counseling / Couples / Marriage Counseling / Anxiety / Panic Disorders Counseling / Stress / Depression Counseling / Grief Counseling / Communication / Social Skills Counseling / Child / Teen Counseling / Adult Adjustment / Life Transitioning Counseling / Addiction / Drug /Alcohol Counseling /

Scope of Practice:

Wherever you are on your journey, it is my honor to support you in feeling comfortable and accepted by creating a safe space for you to take the steps you are ready for. So whether you are struggling to connect in your primary partnership or family, or coming in as an individual with challenges, I address the problems in an empathetic and compassionate manner that will bring relief, but then go deeper to the heart of the matter so that you may find the freedom you are yearning for.

Values and Philosophy:

I support individuals, couples, and families dealing with a variety of circumstances. A few examples of the type of cases I see: Couples (all types, including LGBTQ friendly): healing the wounds of addiction (from sex to substances) in relationship; resentment of one partner working harder while the other appears to be underfunctioning; coming back together in the face of infidelity; older married couples learning to relate in a new way after retirement; and general dissatisfaction and lack of intimacy in the relationship. Families (various arrangements): power struggles; communication and (co-)parenting skills; family estrangement; blended and fragmented families; grown adults with unresolved dynamics; grieving the loss of one member; individuation and separation issues; and changing roles and expectations. Individuals (men, women, teens/tweens): feeling adrift; loss of direction and motivation, like due to job transition; anxiety or depression making it hard to function in every day life; anger management; grief/bereavement; teens or tweens struggling to be comfortable with who they are and their connection to others; pressure to conform/perform; dealing with the impact of another's behavior; overwhelm with holding everything together; low self-esteem and worth due to guilt and shame, as in sexuality issues; discoverying meaning and a sense of purpose; and finding the strength and courage to try new things in as healthy of a way as possible. I look forward to connecting with you to explore how your specific concern can be resolved in a good way.

Techniques and Methodology:

I am certified in the evidence-based approach of Emotionally Focused Therapy, proven to be highly effective at resolving the underlying feelings and needs that are driving the challenging behaviors. My lenses are: client-centered, gently following you to where you're being called to go; holistic and systemic, believing that we are all interconnected, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts; and attachment-oriented, fostering a healthier connection with ourselves and the significant relations around us.