Counselors for GLBTQIA Issues

Are you struggling to manage an LGBTQIA issue? You are not alone. Our gay-identified and lesbian-identified counselors and therapists can let you feel heard in the therapeutic process. Our counseling specialties include coming out, gay and lesbian aging, gay relationships, sex-roles, sexuality, and sexual identity counseling.

GLBTQIA and Counseling

Just as is the case with other minority populations, there is the need for lesbian counseling, gay counseling, bi-sexual counseling, transgender counseling, transsexual counseling and queer counseling. Gay identified counselors or Lesbian identified counselors and therapist can make us feel safe and heard in the therapeutic process of personal issues.

Issues of gay counseling or lesbian counseling specialties can include coming out counseling, gay or lesbian aging counseling, gay relationship counseling, sex role counseling, sexuality counseling or sexual identity counseling.

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